Restaurant – Cuisine
  • At Amandro Villa Nature Resort, 90% of the dishes served are Ayurvedic and vegetarian. But we offer fish and chicken on demand, if they go with your cure.
  • There is a palette of delicatessen, like a diversity of fresh vegetables, all sorts of curries and salads, served with red rice, prepared fresh every day.
  • We buy our ingredients locally, vegetables and fruits are procured fresh daily at the local market.
  • Thus, we guarantee that each meal you enjoy at our place makes fresh, delicious and healthy eating.
  • During an Ayurveda cure or a diet, your meals will be cooked and prepared individually, strictly due to your personal needs, even vegan, if requested.
  • This way, you get to know the specialties of Sri Lankan cuisine, and you can rely on having your wishes fulfilled. We also offer you plenty of different seasonal fruits.


The Chef – Sunitha

She prepares 3 fresh meals per day with ever changing ingredients and courses. She gives her best for each meal so that you can enjoy all her delicious dishes.


Local Fruits

Sri Lanka is proud of her diverse tropical fruits. This is your chance to get to know all sorts of fresh fruits, seasonally changing – a singular, pleasant experience.

We guarantee you are served biological products only – no pesticides or herbicides – either from our own garden or from reliable farmers in the region.

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