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Welcome to Amandro Villa Nature Resort 

A feast for all senses……….


In the exquisitely peaceful resort, situated right on the banks of a side-arm of the Bentota River in the southwest of Sri Lanka, lies Amandro Villa with its beautiful rooms, opened in 2016.

It offers the possibility to indulge in Ayurveda cures or wellness treatments, professionally done by a specialized Ayurveda doctor and an Ayurveda masseur.

The villa, furnished with love for detail, the large garden, the outdoor swimming pool, the meditation area and the Ayurveda house offer both plenty of space and opportunity for recreation, relaxation, peace and well-being.

The team and the management at Amandro Villa are versed and fluent both in Germand an Singhalese, certainly a great benefit for our guests. Our Ayurveda doctor masters English for your consultations.

Being a family-run establishment, we all give our very best to make your stay a memorable time and to help you achieve succeess in your individual treatment and healing process.

Awaken all your senses at the sublimely peaceful nature resort nestled away in the captivating southwest of Sri Lanka. Amandro Villa Nature Resort is one of the rare escapes in the island that combines forested areas, wetlands, a river and of course the endless golden sandy beaches! Our unique setting is the ideal place for any type of traveller to unwind and relax amongst the gorgeous natural surroundings. Above all, since we are a family run business, we will make you feel right at home, and we'll do everything to make sure that will you have the most memorable holiday, ever!



The park-like garden is studded with a variety of national plants, like coconut palms, mango, teak, ebony and balsa trees, next to other smaller or larger blossoming plants and herbs.

At the riverside, mangroves are home to all different kinds of birds. The outdoor pool is located in the center of the garden.

One specific sector in it is devoted to meditation and quietude. This is the area around the exquisite „Bodhi tree“, also called poplar fig or „Ficus religiosa“. This tree is holy to Buddhists because such a one, 2.500 years ago, was the site of Siddharta Gautama’s Enlightenment, that made him a „Buddha“.

Hopefully, you can also feel the energy and clarity hovering at this spot, under this tree. In any case, you can detach from your worries and troubles there, and you can use the area for meditation or spiritual rituals.


Our facilities include:
  • Sunbeds
  • Swimming pool
  • Ayurveda treatments
  • Traditional clay-built massage rooms
  • Landscaped garden
  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • Small library
  • German speaking Guide
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Complimentary fruit platter for each room
  • Meditation Area
  • Smoking Area

How we began

May we offer a warm welcome to you! - Lahiru, from Sri Lanka, and Birgit, from Germany, the co-founders of Amandro Villa.

In 2014, the idea to establish a small, exclusive Ayurveda hotel began to take shape.

Based on our unique combination of „West“ and „East“, the plans gradually blossomed and Amandro Villa Nature Resort began to evolve.

Birgit, a qualified biologist, and homeopathic practitioner, invested her knowledge of Western science and experience in practical work as a therapist.

This paired up with Lahiru’s skills as an Ayurveda therapist, and tourist guide, brought up and immersed in the philosophy of Theravada Buddhism and well versed in Western culture through intensive contacts and travels in Europe, especially in Germany.

Suitable grounds had soon been found, an untouched stretch of riverside land thick in mangroves and rich in birds and animals. We cultivated the land – but took pains to keep the fauna! – with a lot of effort until, finally, the construction of the main building, the outlying houses and the pool could begin.

We have tried to put into reality our dream to create an ambiance both cultivated and functional. Our spacious, beautiful rooms are proof to our ideal.

After completion in 2015, we opened our establishment to our guests in 2016.


Since then, we have had the pleasure to welcome many residents from Germany, other German-speaking countries and a diversity of other nations.

Come and stay with us!

We are a family run business and each of us will do everything to make your stay perfect. With our caring service and the captivating resort, we hope your holiday in Sri Lanka will be remembered for a very long time.

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